Coachbuilt is the only UK based company specialising in the design & manufacture of wheelchair accessible motorhome & caravans, both new & pre-owned, built to order to meet your exact requirements.

Producing high quality wheelchair accessible Motorhomes & Caravans since 2009 our unique skills base combines the experience in the manufacture of motorhomes & caravans with automotive manufacturing best practices to provide un-rivalled quality, manufacture and design expertise. 

You Asked. We Answered.



Adapting a caravan or motorhome from a standard model is the best and the most cost-effective way of providing a caravan or motorhome to suit your specific needs. Why?

Cost of materials: Buying ‘one-off’ materials for a one-off conversion is expensive. How much would your car cost if it was made with parts bought separately from your local garage ‘parts department’?

Labour costs: ‘Economies of scale’ Manufacturing from ‘scratch’ using skilled men is an expensive, volume-manufactured product use machinery and cost-effective production methodology only available with volume production.

Quality: Volume-manufactured caravans and motorhomes provide quality and quality assured base vehicles manufactured to the latest specifications and designs allowing Coachbuilt GB to concentrate on just providing quality adaptations.

Choice: Working with Coachbuilt GB you can choose the base caravan or motorhome of the layout, manufacturer, specification level and cost that best suits you and your family needs, then you specify the adaption that you need.


Jeff Bull, Managing Director started his career as an apprentice in precision engineering, after a successful career spanning over 20 years in both automotive production and quality management at the highest level. 


During his time at Coachbuilt, Jeff recognised the need for wheelchair accessible caravans and motorhomes; Jeff understood just one standard 'accessible' layout and design would not satisfy the diverse requirements and needs of the differently abled and Coachbuilt was born.


Yes, Coachbuilt GB has a unique working relationship with all the main UK manufacturers who agree to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty, following a Coachbuilt adaptation.


Yes, Coachbuilt GB will offer a full warranty covering all works carried out by Coachbuilt and any consequence of;


Coachbuilt have a website dedicated to the sale of Coachbuilt adapted caravans and motorhomes of any age. We also have a mailing list of waiting buyers in which we will contact on your behalf to promote the sale of your caravan or motorhome.


Coachbuilt source all the materials required directly from the manufacturer, where possible.


If for any reason the matching materials cannot be sourced, Coachbuilt will discuss options with you to ensure the materials used are sympathetic and are designed to look indistinguishable to the original manufacturers design.


Most local Motorhome and Caravan Dealers specialise in servicing and minor accident repair, however, they do not have the design and manufacturing expertise, supply network or experience to carry out practical and reliable adaptations.


Extreme caution should be given when offered ‘Ramps and Clamps’ i.e. ramps that attach and a transit wheelchair to enter through a standard door. These contracts are the subject of targeted investigation by HMRC.


The total cost of the motorhome (new or second-hand) including the base vehicle and the professional adaptations carried out by Coachbuilt will be subject to VAT zero rated for the following definitions:


What is an eligible adapted motor vehicle?

It is any motor vehicle (such as a car, light van, multi-passenger vehicle (MPV) or motor home) that is:

  • designed, or substantially and permanently adapted for the carriage of a disabled wheelchair /stretcher user


What does ‘adapted for the carriage of a disabled wheelchair/stretcher user’ mean?

A motor vehicle is adapted for the carriage of a disabled wheelchair user if it is:

  • adapted to suit their specific needs; and

the adaptation:

  • allows them to enter and travel in the vehicle whilst seated in the wheelchair or on the stretcher;

  • allows them to enter, travel in or leave the vehicle;

  • enables them to drive the vehicle;


What is a ‘permanent’ adaptation?

An adaptation is permanent if it can be used for as long as the disabled wheelchair user requires it. Generally the adaptation would require welding or bolting to the vehicle.


What is a ‘substantial’ adaptation?

A substantial adaptation enables a wheelchair user to use a vehicle which he could not be able to use before it was adapted.


Examples of adaptations

The following are examples of adaptations for the carriage of a disabled wheelchair user:

  • a hoist to lift a wheelchair into or onto the vehicle;

  • adaptations that enable a wheelchair user to drive the vehicle, such as a push/pull brake and accelerator, hand controls or other aids that operate the primary driving controls; and

  • infra-red control unit that operates the secondary controls.

(This is not an exhaustive list.)


The following are not adaptations for the carriage of a disabled wheelchair user:

  • the fitting of a roof rack or standard roof box;

  • the attachment of a trailer to the back of a vehicle; or

  • the fitting of automatic transmission;

Because they are for general use and not specifically designed for disabled people.

(This is not an exhaustive list.)


Motorhome Summary

If it’s a motorhome that has been permanently adapted for a disabled person or an habitual wheelchair user both the adaptations and the base vehicle will be VAT zero rated.


For Caravans



The cost of the professional adaptations carried out by Coachbuilt GB will be subject to VAT zero rated; this does not include the base cost of the caravan for the following reasons:


The VAT liability of a caravan solely depends on its size.  Guidance on this is contained in VAT Notice 701/20 ‘Caravans and houseboats’


  • The supply will be standard-rated unless the caravan is either more than 7.0 metres long; or more than 2.55 metres wide. As any caravan larger than these dimensions are illegal to tow in the UK, true touring caravans – which by definition must be able to be towed on our roads – are always going to be standard-rated.


  • If a caravan has special fittings for disabled people, the cost of the adaptations only can be zero-rated when the caravan is supplied to a disabled person. The VAT liability of the caravan itself remains as explained above.


  • A second-hand caravan which may not originally be subject to VAT, if adapted for the disabled for the purpose of ‘selling on’ as an adapted caravan, then as ‘Value’ has been added to the original caravan by adapting it, thereby both the total cost of the caravan and the adaptations (i.e. the selling on cost) become subject to VAT at standard rate.


  • The argument that standard models of caravans that come with features designed for the disabled – extra-wide doors, easy access shower room, etc,  - can be zero-rated in line with the guidance at 4.5 of Notice 701/7, i.e.  as “equipment and appliances designed solely for use by a disabled person” is not accepted by HMRC. (i.e. Frys Access Caravans)

Caravan summary

If it’s a touring caravan it will always be standard-rated however the cost of any adaptation to make a standard caravan suitable for a disabled person will be VAT zero-rated.  



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Wheelchair accessible motorhomes, wheelchair accessible touring caravans, whelchair accessible vehicles I Coachbuilt I England
Wheelchair accessible motorhomes, wheelchair accessible touring caravans, whelchair accessible vehicles I Coachbuilt I England

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